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MailScan for MDaemon is a proven antivirus solution made to protect against email viruses and block spam. Situated directly on the MDaemon® email server, rather than dispersed on each client computer, MailScan proactively secures the network by banning ha

MailScan for MDaemon scans and cleans all viruses and worms on every component (e.g. HTML attachments, HTML scripts, S/Mime) in an email message. It also provides the utility to delete known malicious attachments like HAPPY99.EXE and EXPLOREZIP right at the Gateway/MDaemon® server level. Once detained, infected email is deleted, quarantined for further review, or forwarded to an administrator.

MailScan for MDaemon

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MailScan for MDaemon users have the option to receive live antivirus updates from the Internet, via FTP. This antivirus solution automatically upgrades and reconfigures antivirus definitions. Updates can be accomplished with any proxy server and MailScan for MDaemon completely automates all relevant updating tasks, requiring zero administrative efforts.

Here are some key features of "MailScan for MDaemon":

■ Virus Scanning

VisNetic MailScan scans all incoming and outgoing emails for viruses.

Virus infected attachments are disinfected and sent to their destination. Non-removable virus infected attachments, are either deleted or quarantined. If MailScan detects a Word or Excel attachment that contains an infected macro, it removes the virus from the attachment. Clean Macros are not removed from the document.

In case of any virus infection, appropriate warning messages, with the Virus Name, Action taken and e-mail details, are sent to the email Sender, the Recipient and the Mail-Server Administrator.

■ AntiVirus Updates

VisNetic MailScan users have the option to receive live updates from the Internet, via FTP. Additionally, broken downloads may be easily resumed whenever necessary. Updates can be accomplished with any proxy server, such as WinRoute Firewall by MailScan completely automates all relevant updating tasks, and requires zero administrative efforts.

Antivirus definitions are available on multiple FTP sites and update requests from MailScan are automatically routed to the first available FTP site, increasing the speed at which new antivirus protection updates are downloaded to the server.

■ Content Scanning

All incoming and outgoing messages are scanned for abusive words and/or phrases, which are pre-defined by the Security Policy Administrator of MailScan. If such words occur, customizable warning messages can optionally be sent to the Administrator, the sender and the recipient.

■ Pre-defined Security Policies

VisNetic MailScan provides a very easy and convenient way of administrating Rule-Sets and Security Policies. Users can install MailScan and use the default settings. All threats, updates, security policies and rule-sets are "automatically updated" from the Internet, without any user-intervention.

■ Policy based Rule-Sets

MailScan works on policy-based Rule-Sets. Rule-Sets have been categorized as Universal and Company-specific. A Universal Rule-Set is defined within MailScan and is applicable to all customers. Company-specific Rule-Sets are configured by the Network Administrator and are specific to a company.

■ Powerful Virus Scanning

VisNetic MailScan scans HTML emails and attachments for scripts, also termed IE vulnerabilities. Scripts that contain IFRAME and OBJECT are identified and automatically quarantined by MailScan. To allow for emails with scripts from legitimate sources, pre-approved email addresses may be entered into the MailScan Administrator.

VisNetic MailScan effectively scans multipart/partial messages for viruses. These messages may be sent through email clients that support multipart/partial messages like Outlook Express. This feature allows Internet and Intranet users to split one sent message into smaller, multiple emails that the receiving client will automatically reassemble as a single message.

This fragmentation allows users to bypass most security restrictions imposed by mail servers, as emails that are spliced into smaller segments may not be detected by virus scanners or other content filtering mechanisms. MailScan quarantines these message segments and notifies the sender that the message will not be delivered.

MailScan is one of the first antivirus programs with the ability to detect and disinfect viruses traveling via TNEF (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format) attachments. Microsoft Outlook uses Rich Text Format (RTF) and TNEF as a standard delivery method.

■ Powerful Content Filtering

VisNetic MailScan's spam email blocker capabilities include the ability to create filters for specific words or phrases, DNS lookup to verify sender's "MX" or "A" record and SMTP server authentication to validate sender's account on sending mail server.

■ Flexible Scanning

VisNetic MailScan features the option to not scan the content of emails received from or sent to certain domains. This allows administrators to identify an approved or verified safe domain and reduce the amount of scanning required by MailScan.

■ Attachment Reservation

Administrators can restrict certain attachments from being sent or received from the Internet. For example, a rule can be defined so that any e-mail received by a user having *.EXE or *.COM file attachments, should be auto-forwarded to the administrator. Unknown viruses can be very effectively tackled using such rule-sets.

■ 'Zipped files' Uncompress Facility

All incoming compressed attachments can be uncompressed, scanned for viruses and passed to the mail server for distribution to the end users.

■ S/MIME Check of Messages

VisNetic MailScan has the capability to check if an e-mail is digitally signed (S/MIME) and warn the user if the content gets changed.

■ Malicious Attachments Deletion

VisNetic MailScan provides an option to forcibly delete known malicious attachments (Trojans and worms) at the gateway level itself. This list is dynamically updated from the Internet at regular intervals, along with normal AntiVirus Protection and Policy updates.

■ Flexible Notification

Administrators now have the option to eliminate warning emails to local recipients. This will reduce the volume of email your staff receives notifying them of content violations or virus activity.

■ Urgent Update Overwrite

When subscribed to this FREE service, the postmaster will be sent an email if an urgent antivirus update is made available. When VisNetic MailScan receives this specially coded email, it will trigger the auto update feature causing the urgent update to be downloaded. With "Urgent Updates," MailScan users are protected from fast spreading viruses.

■ Passive Mode FTP Transfers

MailScan supports passive mode, FTP-transfers. MailScan can now receive automatic antivirus updates, safely behind a network's firewall.

■ Runs as a Service

MailScan installs and runs as a service on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP. MailScan runs in the background, and is virtually invisible.

■ Virus Warnings

Administrators of VisNetic MailScan can customize virus-warning messages sent to the email sender when an infection is found; virus warnings can be optionally sent to mail recipients, as well.

■ Log Files

All scanning results by MailScan are logged, and administrators have the option to specify maximum size of the log file. The log file allows an administrator to see by whom, when and where viruses are being detected.

■ Background Scanning

With the latest release of MailScan, an administrator can use a supplemental scanner to provide .exe, .doc and .com file scanning. An administrator can use a familiar antivirus protection software package to provide .exe, .doc and .com file scanning, reducing MailScan's workload and speeding up mail processing. MailScan will continue to use the default scanner for scanning archive files, VBS scripts, Applets and other file types.

■ EICAR Test

The European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (EICAR) has developed a test virus. MailScan has added a "Send EICAR Option" that, when tested, shows how MailScan reacts when a virus is detected. This feature can also be used to ensure MailScan is working properly.

■ Virus Information

MailScan provides informative Internet links for live updates on virus information, via the Administrator Help File.


■ 30 days trial

Released: Feb 15th 2006 Rating: 1.0
Size: 10.3 MB Downloads: 6416
Systems: Win All

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