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WebEQ Developers Suite is a full featured application that was designed to help you build web pages that include interactive math.

The world's leading e-learning companies, content developers and education portals are using WebEQ to create web-based learning environments that help educators engage students in math and science on the web. Because WebEQ is based on Java and MathML technology, solutions you develop will be platform and browser-independent.


Download WebEQ crack and serial


■ Point-and-click equation editing with WebEQ Editor.

■ Convert existing content to web-ready formats with WebEQ Publisher.

■ Generate both Presentation and Content MathML with the most sophisticated tools available.

■ Scriptable web browser controls to view, edit, graph and evaluate math in web pages.

■ Use high-level templates from the WebEQ Solutions Library to create complex interactions.

■ Integrate client-side controls with server-based MathML processing using the WebEQ Equation Server to create web applications, such as: Message Boards, Online testing applications.

Here are some key features of "WebEQ":

■ Industry-leading support for MathML 2.0

■ Extensive OS and web browser support, including Mac OS X

■ High-quality, cross-platform math rendering with minimal dependence on fonts

■ Intuitive graphical editing of equations: New support for prescripts and tensor indices, Better handling of multi-line equations, Expanded keyboard shortcuts for MathType compatibility

■ Direct control over MathML structure

■ Easy control of style and display properties: Set font properties per token or per expression

■ Large collection of symbols: Enter symbols by MathML name or Unicode number, Updated for Unicode 4 compatibility

■ Customizable toolbar: Support for multi-character buttons

■ Sophisticated MathML export options: Control namespaces, declarations, and white space handling via preferences, Set default clipboard export preferences for streamlined workflow

■ Generate JPEG and PNG images, MathML or Viewer Control applet tags

■ Support for authoring interactive math equations

■ Expanded editor preferences, including new support for chemistry notation

■ Convert math markup to Web-ready formats: Process markup in Solutions Library JavaScript code

■ Read entire documents or cut-and-paste markup to be converted

■ Send output to the screen for cutting-and-pasting or write files

■ Process WebTeX and MathML

■ Generate JPEG and PNG images, MathML or Viewer Control applet tags

■ Generate markup for Mozilla, MathPlayer, and cross-browser stylesheets

■ Batch processing of math markup to Web-ready formats

■ Control processing options via command-line switches

■ Process WebTeX and MathML

■ Generate images, MathML or Viewer Control applet tags

■ Generate markup for Mozilla, MathPlayer, and cross-browser stylesheets

■ Java API support for servlets

■ Generate equation images from MathML within ASP code

■ Cross-platform display of MathML expressions in Web browsers

■ Corrects for client screen resolution

■ Automatic line breaking for long equations

■ Extensive API for manipulating expressions via JavaScript

■ Serves as an embedded equation editor in Web pages

■ Can be used to send equations to a Web server

■ Cross-platform support for many Web browsers

■ Customizable toolbar

■ New applet parameters for chemistry notation mode

■ Extensive API for manipulating properties and equations via JavaScript

■ Graphs real-valued functions and inequalities

■ Displays multiple equations

■ Customizable appearance and graphing options

■ Extensive API for manipulating properties and equations via JavaScript

■ Evaluates MathML real-valued expressions in several variables

■ Tests two expressions for equality

■ Extensive API for use from JavaScript

■ Incorporate static math into cross-platform pages using high-level JavaScript equation wrappers

■ Incorporate WebEQ Controls into cross-platform pages using high-level JavaScript control wrappers

■ JavaScript logic modules simplify mathematical animations, step-by-step exposition, and quizzes

■ Over 20 templates and sample files for common interactive math tasks

■ Deliver WebEQ Control class files on demand from your server

■ Cache WebEQ Controls into your readers' browsers from your web server to eliminate download time

■ User guides for each of the WebEQ tools and Controls

■ Extensive programmer documentation

■ Reference documentation for MathML and WebTeX

■ Search and Index features

■ Many tutorials


Development Environment:

■ Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or later

■ Sun Java VM 1.4.1 or higher

Content Delivery Environment:

■ Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP

■ Microsoft Java VM 1.1.8, Sun Java VM 1.3.1, or Sun Java VM 1.4.1

■ Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Netscape 4.7, Netscape 7.01, Mozilla 1.6 and FireFox 0.9

■ 40MB free disk space

■ 32MB free RAM


■ 30-day evaluation

Released: December 27 2019 Rating: 4.4
Size: 49.6 MB Downloads: 7643
Systems: Win 2K, Win XP, Win 9X, Win ME, Win NT
Previous builds:

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