Win32.Badtrans.B@mm Detection & Clean

[email protected] Detection & Clean crack / serial

[email protected] Detection & Clean is a small utility that can help you get rid of the malware infection.

The virus comes in the following format:

Win32.Badtrans.B@mm Detection & Clean

Download [email protected] Detection & Clean crack and serial


From: e-mail address of the infected sender or one of the following e-mail addresses:

"Anna" [email protected]

"JUDY" [email protected]

"Rita Tulliani" [email protected]

"Tina" [email protected]

"Kelly Andersen" [email protected]

" Andy" [email protected]

"Linda" [email protected]

"Mon S" [email protected]

"Joanna" [email protected]

"JESSICA BENAVIDES" [email protected]

"Administrator" [email protected]

"Admin" [email protected]

"Support" [email protected]

"Monika Prado" [email protected]

"Mary L. Adams" [email protected]

Subject: Empty or having the following content:


RE: [original subject]

Body: Empty

Attachment: The name of the attachement is formed using one of the following words:






Me_nude Card










The extension of the attachment could be a combination of .MP3., .DOC., .ZIP., with .scr., .pif. or just .scr or .pif.

The worm is using the IFRAME vulnerability and it will be executed on computers with Outlook Express just by preview. Computers with security patch will be infected only by executing the attachment.

After execution the worm copies itself in Windows %System% directory under the kernel32.exe name, and it will drop the kdll.dll at the same location.

To ensure that it will be executed at restart it adds the following registry key:


with value kernel32.exe.

Then it will delete itself from the location where it was executed, and it will gather computer information (like User name, computer name, RAS information, passwords, so on) and sends it to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

The Worm has two methods of getting e-mail addresses:

It search them in *ht* and *.asp files in Internet Cache directory or it gets them with MAPI functions from e-mails received by the infected user.

It will not send itself twice to the same address because it keeps the already used e-mail addresses in %SYSTEM%PROTOCOL.DLL.

Released: Jul 30th 2010 Rating: 4.0
Size: 240 KB Downloads: 4050
Systems: Win All

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01 September 2018, Carlo said:

how to use [email protected] Detection & Clean patch?

18 July 2018, italo said:

[email protected] Detection & Clean seri için teşekkürler

18 February 2018, Elisabetta said:


07 February 2018, Diego said:


01 January 2018, Murilo said:

謝謝[email protected] Detection & Clean破解

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