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Among other great and less exciting features, Microsoft finally decided to integrate multiple desktops in Windows 10. It’s nothing new, since third-party applications were already capable of enabling this even in older versions of Windows. In case you’re not yet ready for Windows 10, then WindowsPager can get you familiar with the multiple desktops concept.

The application comes in a really light package and as proof, it doesn’t even require an installation process. However, since it’s meant for your personal space, it’s best to deploy it locally. What’s more, it might not work well with Windows 8, therefore compatibility settings need to be applied.


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You know the application works by the fact that your taskbar is fitted with some extra features. There’s no main window for the application, just so you don’t waste any time, or have problems with accommodation. Right-clicking the new taskbar component reveals several options, as well as a link for documentation, which you might want to visit at first.

Sadly, the visual style might not appeal to everyone, since there’s only one color tone that’s not even transparent to blend in with the taskbar. On the other hand, each desktop slot provides a small preview of windows you have opened, with accurate positioning, icons for programs, and even real-time feedback as you move stuff around the desktop.

You can only use four desktops, without the possibility to remove or add more. Desktop shortcut layout is kept the same, and only windows get affected by this switch. Hotkeys can be used to navigate and perform other operations, but these can’t be modified and you need to visit the documentation file to find them out.

Apart from offering more space, you can also configure how this is done and what to keep. A built-in function gives you the possibility to highlight a custom area on your desktop and ignore any window found inside, thus keeping them across all other desktops. It’s also possible to move them around by dragging over the target space, waiting for the desktop to switch, and releasing the mouse button.

All in all, your desktop gets cluttered whatever you do and regardless of the monitor-s size or resolution. As such, WindowPager comes with good intentions, but it tends to feel a bit incomplete, with poor compatibility for newer Windows versions, as well as some difficulties in moving some applications around.

Released: Aug 19th 2015 Rating: 3.1
Size: 6.6 MB Downloads: 8476
Systems: Win 2K, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7

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